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Custom freshwater aquariums toronto
Toronto Aquarium Service

LTAquariums was founded 15 years ago by Larry and Chris while attending the University of Toronto.  We were huge aquarium enthusiasts and shared a common goal to one day start our own business.  Through countless  hours of market research we discovered a void in the aquarium service industry in the GTA.  The market niche had very few service companies and the few that were around offered sub par service.

We felt it would be a luxury in todays day and age to enjoy what we do for a living and offer quality services that people would appreciate.  Our journey began with a few simple freshwater aquarium setups in friend's businesses.  Like any small business start up the hours were endless and the profits none existent but we remained motivated and focused on the long term goal.

As the years passed we grew from working out of our parents homes to storage units to eventually moving into our current commercial industrial unit.  A few small aquarium setups lead to many custom commercial and residential installs along with a long list of new service contracts.  The continued grow each year allowed us to leave our full time jobs to focus all attention on LTAquariums.

Fast forward to present day and LTAquariums has installed hundreds of aquariums and services over 100 each month across the GTA.  Our passion, creativity and attention to detail has allowed us to work a job we love, take pride in what we do and offer exceptional service at a fair price.

Aquarium Service Toronto
Aquarium Service Toronto
Custom Acrylic Aquariums Toronto
LTAquariums Scarborough
LTAquariums Scarborough
Custom Fish Tanks Toronto
Custom Aquarium Cabinets
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Acrylic Aquariums Toronto


Fish tank service Toronto
Double bull nose acrylic aquarium toronto
Custom Aquariums Toronto
Custom Aquarium Installaion Toronto
Custom Aquarium installations Toronto
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Toronto Custom Aquariums
Aquarium Services Toronto
Toronto Aquarium Service
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Aquarium service toronto
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