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Aquarium Lease Program

Do you own a business and have always wanted to reap the many benefits of having an aquarium but were nervous about the cost and maintenance?  Well this is the perfect program for you.  Our aquarium lease program requires $0 down.  We come in and set up a full aquarium for you with fish with no start up cost.  All that is required is a set low monthly fee and we take care of the everything including the cleaning of the fish tank.  Furthermore you can cancel at any time no questions asked and we remove the aquarium at no additional cost.  Our first shipment of aquariums sold out fast and next one is due to arrive any day now.  Call us today to reserve your aquarium and once they arrive we will contact you with an installation date.

Whats Included:

  • 100  gallon seamless curved corner aquarium

  • 3 colours to choose from (Black/Cherry/White)

  • Wood stand with doors for storage

  • Metal canopy with access for cleaning and feeding

  • Full aquarium filtration including pump and media

  • LED lighting (blue and white)

  • Decorations and gravel

  • Colour background and plastic plants

  • Full installation

  • Colourfull fish and fish food

  • Monthly service

Aquarium lease toronto
Artificial Coral and Live Rock

Great For:

  • Retirement residence 

  • Waiting rooms

  • Clinics 

  • Doctor offices

  • Dentist offices

  • Hospitals

  • Gyms and recreations 

  • Daycare centres

  • Business offices

  • Employee lunchrooms

  • Children play centres 

leasing an aquarium

Health Benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower heart rate

  • Reduces stress

  • Decreases anxiety 

  • Calms kids down

  • Helps hyperactivity disorder

  • Increases productivity 

  • Eases pain

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Therapeutic effects

  • Entertaining 

  • Visually pleasing

  • Positive Feng Shui

Curved Corner Aquarium
MinJiang Aquarium
Aquarium showroom sale toronto
Curved Glass Aquarum
Aquarium Sale Toronto
Fake Corals and Live Rock
JR6-1210 Aquarium
seemless aquarium
JR6-1050 Min Jiang Aquarium
Cheap Aquariums Toronto
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