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Custom Aquariums

LTAquariums has over 20 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining custom aquariums.  We have installed hundreds in our career ranging from small standard glass aquariums to extra large wave acrylic aquariums.  We at LTAquariums thoroughly enjoy the creative process required to design the exact aquarium you had in mind. 


We have a strong working partnership with all the major aquarium manufacturers in North America and China.  We also have a long list of trusted subcontractors that can be involved on any project including engineers, framers, welders, HVAC, plumbers and many custom cabinet makers just to name a few.  We have and currently work on many commercial sites including construction sites so we know what it is like to work in a fast paced, always changing environment where strict regulations and deadlines need to be met without sacrificing quality.  Conversely we have installed countless residential aquariums and can appreciate the importance of maintaining a professional and clean work environment. 


With LTAquariums team you are guaranteed honesty, reliability, creativity, punctuality, organization and hard work.  If you have a custom aquarium project in mind feel free to contact us to start a discussion.  We offer no obligation quotes so you have nothing to lose.  Below are just some snapshots of different projects we have worked on.  To get more detailed pictures and information take a look through our Portfolio Page..

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